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In years past, when someone had a question concerning guns, cartridges, calibers and things like that, nearly every family had a ‘hunting uncle’, father, brother and such who had the experience and knowledge to help beginners out. Now, unfortunately, this is becoming increasingly uncommon. This web site is intended to help beginners get started right, or maybe help an inexperienced person get their loved one a sensible hunting rifle for Christmas or a birthday.

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Like any tool, there is a right way and a wrong way to use it. Like any tool, there are certain jobs it is designed for, and certain jobs that it is useless for. Like any tool, a gun can be ‘fine tuned’ to do certain parts of it’s job better than other parts of it’s job. So what does this mean? Read on.

Tool or Toy? Best Rifle Best Cartridges all around cartridge Long Range Hunter's Ethics That's Crazy!

“Within reasonable limits, the cartridge is not all that important. Whether the gnu is thumped with a 6.5 mm, a 7 mm mag, an 8x60 mm or a .375 H&H seldom makes a noticeable difference. It will run about as far when shot through the lungs with one as with any of the others. Even today, as it always has been and ever will be, it is not the rifle or its cartridge that matter so much, but rather the skill and knowledge of the hunter who is using it.” - Finn Aagaard

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“Always know where you are sending your bullet, I have found to be an excellent maxim.” - W. D. M. “Karamojo” Bell

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