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Ethics of Hunting

Just as in all other activities of life, there’s a right way and a wrong way to go about hunting

The basic theme running through all codes of ethical behavior is Respect, both self respect and respect for others. Hunting game animals is very revealing. I firmly believe that if you want to learn what a person is really like, just spend a day hunting with him or her.

An ethical hunter -

1. Obeys all game laws because they were established for everyone’s benefit.

2. Treats other people as they would like themselves to be treated.

That means safe gun handling, being careful of other’s property, and behaving courteously towards others.

3. Respects the game they are pursuing.

Sooner or later, all hunters, in spite of our best efforts, will fail to make a clean kill.  It’s a bad feeling. We try hard to minimize wounding, but it’s going to happen. If a hunter does not try to minimize the suffering of the hunted animal, they are either very inexperienced, or thoughtless, or ignorant. At it’s worst, it becomes sadism.

The ethical hunter practices with their weapon to become proficient in it’s use, and hunts within it’s limits and their own limits so that the quarry will be killed as quickly and humanely as possible.


Long range Hunting

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