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Reloading Cartridges

Everyone should take up reloading. It will avoid ammunition shortages, you can ‘fine tune’ your cartridges to your own needs, and it saves money in the long term. With the government increasingly snooping into our lives and telling us what to do, it gives us an amount of privacy about our shooting, too.

FIRST, get a good reloading manual. Speer and Sierra Bullets manuals are very good, Lyman and Nosler are also fine choices, the Lee manual is good for use with their reloaders.

You’ll need a reloading tool, Lee ‘Classic Model’ reloaders and the newer Lee ‘Breech Lock’ hand press are well known, as is the slower ‘Old Reliable’ Lyman 310 tool. Dies, a powder scale, case trimmer, over-all case length gauge, suitable cases, powders, bullets and primers all follow. Read the manual FIRST, and then get the rest, it’ll make everything much simpler.

As an example, I reload for the classic 9.3x62 Mauser cartridge. Choosing bullets with a superior ballistic coefficient, meaning they shed velocity slowly, reloading enables me with safe pressures to virtually equal the .375 H&H Magnum.

The CIP standard pressure for the 9.3x62 is 57 units, the .35 Whelen 58,  the .30-06 59, the .308 Winchester 60, and the .270 Winchester 62. Working up slowly to 60 grains of Norma 203-B, I easily got 2450 ft/sec with the Nosler 286 gr partition bullet having a B.C. Of 0.482 from a 24 inch barrel.  Your rifle may differ, work up slowly and be aware that you may not get the same result. For the magnum cartridge, let’s use a Hornady bullet with a B.C. of 0.400, better than most factory bullets. Using the same ‘Ballistics Explorer’ software as in my section, ‘Long Range Shooting’, we get the following graph -

So we have a cartridge that is virtually the equal of the .375 H&H magnum. The .375 H&H Flanged was the cartridge that made the .375’s reputation, ‘Pondoro’ Taylor felt was the best African medium rifle, and it’s done without the need for a bulky ‘magnum’ action, the L-O-N-G bolt throw of the magnum and the unnecessary weight and bulk of the magnum rifle.